• Varzob Gorge

Varzob Gorge

Varzob Gorge - a favorite place of rest of Dushanbe. There is a lot of houses and recreational areas. Varzob valley is well known as a small geographical area in the eponymous Basin, crossing the central part of the southern slope of the Hissar Mountains.

Varzob - a river in southwestern Tajikistan, the right tributary of the river Kafirnigan. Length - 71 km, swimming pool - 1740 square kilometers. It rises on the slopes of the Hissar ridge, forming by merging Ziddi Maikhura and rivers. In the lower reaches of the average water consumption is 45.9 m³ / s, max. 61.3 m³ / s, min. 31.5 m³ / s. Power - snegolednikovoe. Floods from late February to early October, the maximum discharge is observed in June. Along the river, in the same valley there are numerous recreation areas, located on the 40 kilometer summer presidential residence - Puguz. At 12 kilometers from Dushanbe located Varzob lake - an artificial reservoir, created especially for rest of the townspeople. In the waters of the river are found small crustaceans, and small fish - marinka and gobies. Also found in the waters of Varzob river trout. In the south, near Dushanbe, Varzob, merging with shallow river Lyuchob, crosses the city, dividing it into two parts called "Dushanbinka". Further, in the south, the river flows into the Kafirnigan.